What's up everyone?  It's Mark the Shark. A lot has been happening over the past month and a half since I talked to you last, and it's time to FILL YOU IN!  If you haven't heard, we are renting out a kiosk at 12 Oaks Mall and are in the middle of a quest to raise 3000 meals for Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit!  Yes, we literally have a stand set up like those crazy (but awesome) Israeli guys who try to grab and straighten your hair.  Or how about those guys with the toy helicopters?

Now it's been extremely hard work chasing people down and getting them to listen to our music, and people have many different reactions.  Sometimes, people are open minded and will listen.  Some people will just blatantly ignore you as if you didn't exist.  And in more extreme cases, people WILL RUN AWAY as if you were chasing them with a chain saw...

But for the most part, people have been VERY RECEPTIVE to the music, and that's why we've been able tor raise 2000 MEALS for Gleaners Food Bank since February 3rd!  Moreover, we have been able to reinvest into our Rock4Hunger Tour, purchasing much needed equipment and merchandise so we can continue our goal of raising 20,000 MEALS in 2012 alone! For all of you who have made donations or picked up our music, we SINCERELY THANK YOU! As we continue to grow, look for us to continue to effect the world in a POSITIVE WAY. With much love,

Royal Hoax (Mark, Jake, Elijah)

PS: We have our next major HOMETOWN SHOW coming up at Callahan's Music Hall on FRIDAY THE 13TH (Boo haha!) which is right after Easter. You can PICK UP YOU TICKETS HERE!


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