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Happy 2013!!! It's Mark, and I thought we
should ring in the New Year by going over everything you helped us accomplish in 2012. This is BY FAR the MOST PRODUCTIVE year we've had as musicians, and it's all thanks to YOU and YOUR SUPPORT! So, here's the stats:

1. We raised OVER 15,000 MEALS FOR GLEANERS

2. We sold OVER 5,700 PHYSICAL…


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BELIEVE in us...

Happy holidays, it's Mark, and I have some questions for you. Do you really know us? Do you know where our heart is? Do you believe that we have the ability to take our purpose/music to the masses? If the answer is no to any of these, please read on.
The music industry is tough. There's no doubt about that.  Jake and I have been pursuing music now for 8 years. 8 years of horrible…

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Hello guys it's SHARK ATTACK! Before I announce our next show I wanted to follow up on our 1000 meal goal we set for Black Friday weekend. Just in case you didn't know, WE DID IT! Here's a video of me dropping off the check on Thursday of last week!…

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We are writing this to let you know that because of your incredible open mind and generosity, Royal Hoax has now reached over 5000 ALBUMS DISTRIBUTED in metro-Detroit! We can't tell you enough how much we thank and appreciate your support.

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Hello friends. It's Mark "the Shark". I just wanted to briefly inform you that NOW IS THE TIME to get Royal Hoax to PLAY AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, OR MIDDLE SCHOOL. Yep, it's fall time, and that means a new beginning for our 4th annual Rock4Hunger Tour!…


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Who else would it be but Mark the Shark? Today, I'm going to continue our great 'True Not-so-Hollywood Stories' saga....... It was August 17th, 2011, and Def Leppard was headlining DTE. Our album was fresh off the presses, so Elijah and I decided to make a trip up to DTE to let those pesky 'Leppard Heads' get a whiff of our BRAND NEW ROCK JAMS would surely send them into a…


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Hello Royal Hoaxers! It is Mark the Shark. So, as always, we've had A LOT GOING ON! Jake and I have been working 40+ hour weeks passionately getting our music out to fellow Michiganders at our kiosk, and better yet, raising 3000+ meals for Gleaners Food Bank in the process. Now, we have 2500+ ALBUMS out and are soaring towards 3000. Even better then that, is complete, and…


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Yep, We're Mall Rats!

What's up everyone?  It's Mark the Shark. A lot has been happening over the past month and a half since I talked to you last, and it's time to FILL YOU IN!  If you haven't heard, we are renting out a kiosk at 12 Oaks Mall and are in the middle of a quest to raise 3000 meals for Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit!  Yes, we literally have a stand set up like those crazy (but awesome) Israeli guys who try to grab and straighten your hair.  Or…


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SHOW US YOUR MOVES and be featured on!

What is up everyone! Its MARK THE SHARK. Yes it is Valentines day, and sadly, this shark is SWIMMING ALONE :-(. But there's no need to feel sorry, because I'm deciding to SHIVER SHAKE IT OFF... and you can join me! We are going to take the FIRST 3 VIDEOS of our fans doing the Shiver Shake and feature it on our website for 2 weeks... yes for TWO…


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The Details Are Here for!

HAPPY SUNDAY! Guess who? Yep, it's Shark Attack. I thought I would talk to you today about As I stated last week, the main premise of the site is to teach you how to do 'The Shiver Shake' dance that you saw in the preview (If you missed it, Click Here to See It!)…


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Resolutions, Solutions, and Contributions for 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With 2012 now upon us, you are probably going over GOALS and RESOLUTIONS for the New Year. So, since it is that time, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to not only go over what we WILL ACCOMPLISH for 2012 and beyond, but also give you an idea of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE STAND FOR as people. Over the next 5 weeks I will share 10 principles that we will implement in 2012 and for the rest of our lives. They are vast, meticulous, and apply to…


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MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us @ Royal Hoax!

Hey everyone, it's Mark the Great White Shark (please don't judge me for calling myself by my nickname :-) I just wanted to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS... 3 days AFTER the fact (like I said no judging!) But this was calculated, and here's my logic.  Everyone's wishing you a Merry Christmas beforehand and on the specific day, but to…


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Rock4Hunger Tour helps Ferndale High Raise Meals for Gleaners!

Tis the season of giving, and with that I though I would talk about the Rock4Hunger Tour and the awesome experience we had at Ferndale High last month.  Over the past two years, Jake, Elijah, and myself have used our talents to give back to the Detroit community by raising meals for Gleaners Food Bank.…


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A VERY ROYAL CHRISTMAS: 'Tis The Season to be Thankful

HELLO EVERYONE! This is your FAVORITE BAND MEMBER and work horse, Mark 'the Shark'. Before I talk with you about our next show, I just want to THANK EVERYONE who came out to the Pike Room back on 11/11/11. As I said on…


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ROYAL HOAX'S True Not-So-Hollywood Stories: FORD EXPLORER ON FIRE!!!

This is the VERY FIRST EDITION of our 'True Not-So-Hollywood Stories'. In this series we will talk to you about the most ridiculous yet real life stories that we have experienced through our long and vast journey as musicians. Today, we bring you the story of the 'FORD EXPLORER ON FIRE'. Yes, his car was literally on fire. Here it is told by the man himself, Elijah 'Fire Bird'…


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SHIVER SHAKE! Music Video Has Been Shot!

IT HAS COMMENCED! Our very first ever MUSIC VIDEO was shot this past Saturday on 11/5/11 and it was A BLAST! There was a GIRAFFE, SHARK, BLUEJAY, a man with a wicked handle bar mustache accompanied by cut off jean shorts, BREAK DANCERS, belly slides and so much more! I could tell you all the details, but, your just gonna HAVE TO WAIT to see the whole shebang!  So now that your interested, when is it GOING TO COME OUT?  Well, we're realistically thinking 3 weeks. Main reason being that we…


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We're Shooting a Music Video!

Hey everyone! It's Mark again. I know it's been a while since we've talked last, but boy do I have some news for you! On Saturday November 5th we are going to shoot a FLASH MOB MUSIC VIDEO for our single 'Shiver Shake' (which is track 3 on the album). It's going to be at Westland Shopping Center and if you wanna be there, let us know! Right now, we have 5 SLOTS OPEN for people to actually dance in the…


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Royal Hoax is Now on iTunes!


That's right folks, we have finally given in! We are pleased to announce that our new self-titled album is now available on iTunes! After talking with our fans, many of you like the convenience and reputation of sites like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, etc. And we got to thinking, it's a democracy (some say it's a republic... that's for a later discussion ;-), so we deserve to give you all the options possible! Well options you have! With over 50 different global online…


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