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 STOP READING RIGHT NOW if you’re searching for that ONE HIT SONG. Please don’t waste your time if you’re happy with 45 minutes of music where only 4 bars have any potential. Royal Hoax is NOT THAT BAND. Their greatest pride is knowing that EVERY track on their debut album has real hit potential and that this will be obvious to you from the moment you hit PLAY.

     Royal Hoax is an alternative/pop/rock group out of Detroit. A three-piece formed in the summer of 2010, Royal Hoax was created by a set of brothers, Jake and Mark Hoke, and drummer Elijah Nelson. Jake plays bass and sings lead vocals while Mark takes on guitar, harmonies and keys. Elijah’s brother, Caleb, is brought onto the live stage as an extra guitarist and keyboardist. The dynamics between two sets of brothers performing creates a cohesiveness and genuine energy you have to experience!

After a year in the works, Royal Hoax is happy to announce the release of their debut, self-titled album! Each song was reworked and revised to ensure they were doing what was best for the song. It’s important that they were releasing a proper reflection of themselves.

     They are excited about the diversity in both song musicality and the lyrical themes throughout the entire album. In Ooh La La, Jake sings about walking hand in hand with his girlfriend in a park on a beautiful fall day. On the other hand, Streets of Chicago is about a nightmare trip to the windy city where he is left stranded by a witch under the influence of mind-altering chemicals. This type of polarity is what leads the members to believe passionately that there is a song on this album that will reach EVERY person’s musical flavor. The major challenge and biggest triumph was creating the overall fluidity and cohesive tone that brings the album together into one artistic piece.

      Royal Hoax brings an intensity to their live show that reflects the passion and love they put into their songs. This intensity creates a fan loyalty that has only has room to grow.

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